Are you a business professional interested in helping others?

 Volunteer as a refugee mentor with us!

Needed: Business professionals, owners, managers, executives, entrepreneurs, sales people, consultants, business students, business educators, and more!

Business Trainer:

Use your business experience to impact lives forever!

As a business trainer, you travel with a team cross-culturally. These trips are usually for a week or less. Experienced business people teach and guide prospective entrepreneurs in emerging countries and hold the power to create a truly transformative impact. Through their wealth of knowledge and practical expertise, these trainers provide aspiring business owners with a solid foundation in the fundamentals of ethical business practices. By imparting valuable skills, such as financial management, strategic planning, marketing, and operational efficiency, these business professionals equip entrepreneurs to navigate the complex landscape of business with confidence and integrity.

The ripple effects of your involvement extend far beyond individual enterprises, advancing economic growth, job creation, and sustainable development within communities. As these entrepreneurs flourish, they become agents of change, driving innovation, empowering their fellow community members, and contributing to the overall progress and well-being of their nations. The collaboration between experienced business professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs holds immense potential to unlock opportunities, inspire dreams, and pave the way for a brighter future.

To leave a lasting legacy in the lives of deserving people, please submit the form below. We welcome those who wish to join with ILAD in making a real, tangible, and sustainable difference in the world!


Business Trainer next steps & What we ask for:

  • Phone interview so we can get to know you better and find a great fit!
  • Complete ILAD’s volunteer Time and Talent application
  • Pass reference and background check
  • Spend a session in a Zoom meeting that will familiarize you with who ILAD is, the impact this project is working towards, and what our Business Development Center work is all about
  • Your online engagement and discussion will provide you with what is needed to prepare you to engage with people from other cultures and languages

When you are ready, submit the form below, and we will be in contact.

If you have questions or would like to get more information, please reach out using the contact form under the Volunteer Interest form. 

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