First things first, Complete the ILAD Time & Talent volunteer application

If you’re ever in doubt that you’re done everything, consult the BDC Mentor Onboarding Checklist to help make sure you’re on track.

Refugee Business Development & ILAD 101

  1. Watch this video for insight into the refugee business program you are partnering with.We will cover what our work looks like and some of the “whys” behind what we are doing as well as an overview on ILAD, what we are working towards, some of our projects and focuses.

    (If you find it helpful here is a pdf version of the slide deck walked through in the video so you can follow along: ILAD 101 & Refugee Business Development)

  2. Check out the ILAD website if you’re interested

  3. Check out our collection of information, stories, studies and data on:

    1. Refugees in DFW

    2. Refugees and Entrepreneurship 

Refugee 101

  1. Watch this 3 min video on Refugee Resettlement to get a sense of what they have been through to be offered the opportunity to relocate to America.

  2. Watch this video where we cover some additional details on refugees that we have found are worth discussing as you prepare to connect with a BDC client. We discuss some cross cultural considerations and helpful resources to look into. (If it is helpful follow along with a pdf version of the Refugee 101 slide deck)

  3. We encourage you to look through From Struggle to Resilience (New American Economy). A study done on Refugees offering some insight into the benefits they bring to their new host countries.

  4. Here are some other resources that may be useful as you learn about some of the things refugees have gone through:

    • Visit our Additional resources  folder (Refugee resettlement 101 Youtube video, 10 acts about refugees, refugee resettlement overview, etc.)

Communication Across Cultures

    1. Watch this Communication Across Cultures video.In it we cover helpful concepts as you prepare to communicate with someone from a very different culture than your own.

      Language may not be the only barrier at play, so let’s talk about some things to keep in mind.(Follow along with the slidedeck in .pdf form:  Communication Across Culture)

    2. Take note of Erin Meyer’s Culture Map

    3. Visit our resources on culture and communication. Review any other models and see what helps you prepare to connect with a refugee client.

    4. It is encouraged to take a look at our additional guides, resources, etc. specific to cross cultural communication.

 Almost There — Here’s a couple Just in Time things to finish up

  1. Read, sign and email Commitment and Confidentiality Form (to
  2. Review this Mentor Guide to Meetings, offering helpful questions, context and insight into what we know this time can mean for the client.
  3. YOU’RE READY TO CONNECT!!! We will begin reviewing and matching you with the client(s) that we see you can have the greatest impact on. Once matched with your client, we will notify you and begin communication to coordinate your first meeting.
  4. Once you’ve been matched we will refer you to some specific resources, guides, etc. that we have collected that can offer helpful context into the general background, beliefs, culture, etc. of the client you will connect with. We will send links to the most relevant information to your client, but feel free to poke around before that as well.

We have an ever growing list of resources, can be helpful in various situations. If there is an area you are curious about we encourage you to visit each section (refugees, entrepreurship, ILAD 101, Culture, etc.) and locate that sections resources. 

If there is an issue, topic, resource you don’t see here but think would be helpful OR if you find one we haven’t added here please let us know.