Theory of Change

Increases the dignity and well-being of refugees who want to start businesses, via a package of refugee specific services that allow participants to achieve financial confidence and credit-worthiness, get funded, and launch a business. These successful businesses will provide employment and training opportunities to other refugees, thereby creating a sustainable path to flourishing for the entire community.


Promote human flourishing by guiding entrepreneurial refugees in Dallas-Fort Worth to become credit-worthy business owners.


Passion, Improvement, Courage, Integrity, Partnership, Service

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of services does ILAD’s Refugee Business Development Center provide?
ILAD provides business training and support services to refugees in Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW).

Where does ILAD’s Refugee Business Development Center┬áprovide their services?
Currently, ILAD’s services are provided to refugees in Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW).

Why do refugees in DFW need services like ILAD’s Refugee Business Development Center?
Refugees arriving in DFW come from all over the world, fleeing oppression and war, wanting a better life in the United States. They need support services due to language and cultural barriers so that they can achieve dignified work by running their own businesses.

What is the main goal of ILAD’s Refugee BDC?
ILAD’s Refugee Business Development Center’s main goal is to support, guide and coach refugees to build their own businesses with confidence and clarity.

How does ILAD help refugees with language barriers?
ILAD provides contextualized business training and learning content in the client’s language with the use of technology.

What kind of coaches does ILAD hire?
ILAD only hires coaches from within the communities they serve.

What kind of support does ILAD’s Refugee Business Development Center┬áprovide to refugees?
ILAD offers one-on-one coaching, guidance and support to refugees throughout their journey from idea to business ownership.

How many phases of business ownership does ILAD offer support for?
ILAD offers support throughout three phases of business ownership: Preparation, Launch and Support.

What organizations does ILAD’s Refugee Business Development Center work in partnership with in order to support refugees?
ILAD works in partnership with CEO, NCC and Disciples of the Way to support refugees and many others.

How can I reach out to ILAD for more information?
You can fill out the form on their website or reach out to Nick Courchesne directly at Nick.c@ilad.email.

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